Dog Food Treats 101: DIY Dog Food Recipes, Homemade Dog Treats & Dog Feeding Tips

puppy-food-bowlsWhen it comes to deciding what to feed your dog on a daily basis, there are pretty much 3 schools of thought:

  • a super healthy all-natural diet (either raw, homecooked, or store-bought)
  • a special diet that meets your dog’s unique needs (like gluten-free, wheat free, or senior dog food)
  • a diet that consists primarily of a popular brand of commercial dog food (like Nutro, Purina, Blue Buffalo, etc.)

In the process of choosing the best food for your dog, you will be faced with a lot of confusing information about dog food & treats.

Our aim here is to help you sort it all out  by clarifying the most confusing aspects about pet food and dog treats — so that you will ultimately feel confident about the type of diet you are providing for your dog. And, hopefully, your dog will enjoy many years of healthy eating habits.

Plus, we’ll provide you with some of the best homemade dog treat recipes and Kong stuffing recipes to add a little variety to your dog’s daily diet.


Commercial Dog Foods

dog-food-trialOdds are you have served your dog one or more commercial brands of dog food at some point. Usually, we start out serving some form of puppy kibble when the dog is young. Then, eventually, we settle in on a particular brand or type of wholesome diet that we feel is the best choice in order for our dog to lead a long, healthy life.

Here are some important things to know, if your dog eats store-bought pet food:


Feeding Dogs Human Foods

human-food-for-dogsSome give their dogs commercial brands of dog food, while others provide a diet that consists of human foods — in whole or in part — either raw or cooked.

Here are some helpful tips if you’re exploring human foods that are good for dogs:


Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

homemade-dog-treatsA healthy dog’s diet doesn’t have to be confined to the same boring, bland dog food day after day. Homemade dog treats are a fun way to wake up your dog’s taste buds and add a little variety to his diet. Here are some of our favorite homemade dog treat recipes:


Dog Food Gifts & Birthday Packs

dog-birthday-cakeWhether you celebrate your dog’s first birthday, or every one thereafter, there are lots of fun ways to make the day special for your pet.

Here are some dog birthday party ideas and DIY dog food gifts (like homemade dog treats & birthday cakes):


Fun Ways To Use Dog Kong Food Toys

filling kong toys for the dogsThere’s no better way to help your dog pass the time than to give him a Kong toy filled with dog food treats. The idea is to use Kong toys to add some variety to your dog’s day and mix things up a bit. Plus, stuffed Kongs help reduce dog separation anxiety when being left home alone, and they help to keep your dog active and thinking since he has to “work” to get the treats out of the Kong toy. Here are some fun ways to incorporate treat-filled Kong toys in your dog’s world:



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