Human Medicine For Dogs

Some (but not all) antibiotics for dogs and routine dog medications are identical to the human versions. See our lists of safe human medicine for dogs to take and human antibiotics for dogs that you can safely substitute — as long as you know your dog’s weight. Also, there’s no need to pay for the expensive pet versions of vitamins and supplements. Usually, there’s a generic human version that is much less expensive and easy to find!

Human Antibiotics & Supplements That Are Safe For Dogs

In case you’re wondering if you can give your dog some of antibiotics that you happen to have leftover from an earlier illness, here’s what you need to know. Plus, some tips for giving your dog human supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oil.

Dog Aromatherapy 101: How & Why To Use Essential Oils With Your Dog

There are lots of times when you might want to try dog aromatherapy — for example, if you have a nervous dog or an anxious dog. With dog aromatherapy, there are lots of ways to use fun scents — that come in sprays or essential oils — around the house. It’s these unique scents that have beneficial effects on dogs.

Aromatherapy For Dogs: How & When To Use Essential Oils With Your Dog

Dogs can benefit from the healing and uplifting properties of aromatherapy, exactly as humans do! That’s why pet aromatherapy is such a hot topic these days. Whether you’ve just got a moody dog, or you’re dealing with some serious behavior issues, aromatherapy could be the perfect answer. Here’s how to use aromatherapy with your dog…