Dog Nails & Dog Paws

Everything you need to know about trimming dog nails — helpful tools & supplies, how often to trim your dog’s nails, and step-by-step instructions on how to clip dog nails yourself. Plus, how to care for the bottom of your dog’s paws — especially after walking on summer’s hot pavement, rough terrain while hiking, and icy cold surfaces in the winter months.

I've had dogs all my life. Only 3 of them had dew claws. Here's what I've learned about dog dew claw removal -- when to remove dew claws and when NOT to remove them.

The sooner you start trimming your dog's nails the better. Here are 15 reasons that trimming dog nails at home makes more sense than paying someone to do it

If you want to trim dog nails yourself, rather than paying someone to do it every time, here's how to get your dog to relax and enjoy the process.

If your dog spends most his time indoors then it's easy for his toenails to get too long. If you hear your dog's nails click when he walks on a hard floor, it's time for a trim! Here are a few things you can do to make your dog's nail clipping day a pleasant and even enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

Wondering what that little metal bar on the side a claw-type nail trimmer for dogs is for? It's a safety stop! (A nail quick sensor.) Here's how to use it.

Soft Claws nail caps are vinyl nail tips that you place over your dog's toenails to prevent scratching -- hardwood floors, your dog's own skin, other people. They are completely safe, painless and humane. They do not hurt the dog in any way. Here's why Soft Claws are great for dogs!