Best Dog Tennis Ball Launchers That Are Fun For Both Dogs AND Humans!

by Lynnette

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Hyper Products Doggie Driver. Thanks to a fun new gadget by Hyper Products called the Doggie Driver, you can perfect your golf swing while your dog works on his fetch!

It swings just like a normal golf club driver.

Plus, it’s got hands-free pickup of balls, so you never have to touch the dirty ball when it’s fetched… just push the opening of the club against the ball to reload the driver each time.

This one-of-a-kind golf club holds a tennis ball inside, and if your follow-thru is good, the ball may travel up to 100 yards.

That means this golf club is also a dog tennis ball launcher!

Doggie Driver Instructions:

Swing like a normal golf club, with a full and even follow through. The ball will fly out in the desired direction for your canine friend to retrieve. Push opening of the club against the ball to reload the driver.

Any dog owner who is also a golfer is going to love this toy!

UPDATE: My New Favorite Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Is The Kong Rocket Ball Launcher


I recently purchased another type of dog tennis ball launcher called the Kong Rocket Ball Launcher.

It comes with a regular size squeaky tennis ball as well as a large size squeaky tennis ball.

The launcher itself has a notch on the end to adjust the launcher for the size ball you are tossing or retrieving.

It’s way cooler than most dog tennis ball launchers (including the Chuckit Dog Ball Launcher that most people are familiar with).

See how it works in this video:

A word about dogs and tennis balls…

kong-large-tennis-ball-for-dogsI’m not a huge fan of regular-size tennis balls with large size dogs. Here’s why.

It’s far too easy for a large dog’s jaws to crush a regular tennis ball — making it easy to swallow the ball whole, or in parts.

For my large breed dog, I prefer the large tennis balls for dogs made by Kong. They’re small enough to play catch with, yet they’re large enough that it won’t get stuck in his throat.

The squeaker inside the Kong tennis balls are a bonus. When the dog’s jaws clamp down on the ball, it squeaks.

Since the Kong tennis balls are made just like regular tennis balls (hard and firm), the squeaker inside is a little difficult to activate. It takes a very firm squeeze of the ball (in your hands or your dog’s jaws) to make any sound at all. That’s a good thing for my dog. He’s not a huge fan of squeaky toys, yet hearing the noise once in awhile gets his attention in a fun way.