Basic Dog Training Commands

Insanely helpful dog training tips for new dog owners. The sooner you start teaching the basic dog commands (Sit, Stay, Come, Leave It, and Lie Down), the better! We’ll also show you how to turn simple dog training tips into games with your dog — so you and your dog will have more fun together in the process.

Video: Dog Training Sit Command

The following video shows you step-by-step how to teach your dog to sit. Plus, you can teach your dog the down position the same way. Or, you might want to use the clicker method to teach your dog to sit.

Is Your Dog Jealous? Here’s How To Stop Dog Jealousy & Aggression In Dogs

I know how challenging raising two dogs together can be — especially when one is jealous or aggressive. It’s downright scary at times! See how we dealt with many long months of sibling rivalry of the worst kind in our home, what dog jealousy and aggression look like (photos and videos), and how I managed to stop dog on dog jealousy with my dogs.