Car Rides With Your Dog

Before you take your dog for a ride in the car, read this first! Dog moms and experts share their best tips for keeping your dog safe and comfortable on car rides. Plus ways to prevent nausea if your dog tends to get car sick (or motion sickness). See the best dog-friendly cars, things you should always do before putting your dog in the car, what you need to know about auto insurance when riding with your dog in the car, and our favorite car & travel accessories for dog owners.

Dog Motorcycle Riding: Safe vs. Unsafe Options (Plus Our Favorite Motorcycle Gear For Dogs!)

Here are my photos of dogs riding motorcycles… at fast speeds on highways! I never thought I’d see this in person… but I did. If you’re considering riding with your dog on the motorcycle, please also consider a dog motorcycle carrier of some sort, dog goggles, and a dog helmet. Or a motorcycle dog trailer — like my friend uses when motorcycling with her two large dogs! (See pictures here.)

Dog Travel Tips + Clever Dog Car Accessories You Might Not Think Of!

I have 2 large dogs and they pretty much go wherever I go! I’ve whittled down my list of dog travel necessities to 7 dog car safety items and 7 clever dog travel accessories — the most important things to pack for dog car travel, plus a few clever dog car accessories that you probably haven’t thought of. These are the items that we take along whenever we’re traveling with our dogs in the car. Perhaps you’ll find them useful as well!

WARNING: Dogs Can Fall Out Of Car Windows… Even When They’re Rolled Up!

Lately, I’ve been seeing so many people riding around with their dogs in the car. Some have the windows completely down. Others have the windows partially rolled up, hoping to keep their dog from jumping out. I’m here to tell you: A dog can fall out of a window that is half-way or even most of the way rolled up!