First Time Dog Owner Tips

First, some things you need to think about BEFORE bringing your new dog home (like whether you should get a puppy vs. an older dog, which dog breed is best for you, and how to puppyproof your house inside & outside). Then, important things you should do during the very first days home with your new dog that will make potty training and sleeping go a whole lot smoother. Finally, fun ways to get to know your dog better and begin the bonding process. Not sure where to begin with your new dog? Start here –> Puppy Care 101.

dog age facts found on computer

How Old Is My Dog?… Use This Dog Age-Human Age Equivalent Chart

You’ve heard that to figure a dog’s age in dog years compared to human years, you should just add 7 to each year that your dog has been alive. That should give you the human equivalent of your dog’s age. Wrong! Here’s how to determine your dog’s physical age AND your dog’s mental age.

Tips For Raising Two Dogs Together: How To Manage A Multi-Dog Household With Ease

Raising two dogs vs one dog. Should you raise one dog or two dogs? That’s a question I asked myself for years — until I decided to try owning multiple dogs (usually 2, but sometimes 3) at the same time. Because multi-dog household aggression is real! It’s one of the signs of Littermate Syndrome when you’re raising two puppies. I’ve been at this for decades now! Here’s how to introduce 2 dogs. Signs one dog doesn’t like the other. Pros & Cons of having more than one dog. Ways to simplify life when you have multiple dogs. How to get dogs to get along. All my best tips for how to raise two dogs in the house together!

Preventing Littermate Syndrome In Dogs: How To Raise Two Puppies (From The Same Litter OR Different Litters) At Once Without Issues

Is Littermate Syndrome real? YES! Most experts strongly advise against raising sibling puppies — because they may become difficult to handle as they mature due … Read more

19 Of The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds For People With Pet Allergies

Do you have an allergic reaction to dogs? Maybe you’re allergic to dog hair. Or maybe you’re allergic to dog saliva. Either way, you’re in luck… This Hypoallergenic Dogs List includes 19 non-shedding and non-drooling dogs that are great for people who have pet allergies! Learn the difference between hypoallergenic and non-hypoallergenic dogs, and see why these 19 were chosen as the top hypoallergenic dogs that pet allergy sufferers most frequently adopt.

Have A Nervous Dog? 2 Ways To Help A Scared Dog Around Strangers + 3 Ways To Use Play, Exercise, Training (PET) Therapy To Make A Fearful Dog More Confident

Is your dog nervous in public places? Does he always have his eye on strangers and watch their every move? A dog trainer shares 2 important ways to make your fearful dog more comfortable around strangers. Is your dog even afraid to play? Here’s how to help a scared dog build confidence in themselves and become less fearful.

Best Apartment Dogs By Breed + Tips For Finding Dog Friendly Apartments That You’ll Be Happy In

Good apartment dogs come in all shapes and sizes — your best choice will be one with an energy level that matches your lifestyle! See a list of the best dog breeds for apartments. Plus, important things you need to know before adopting a dog that will live in an apartment. Finally, see how to find dog friendly apartments nearby. And tips for getting apartments that allow dogs to accept YOUR dog!

Best Dog Proof Trash Cans + DIY Ideas For Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Garbage

It can be difficult to outwit a smart dog that is determined to get into the garbage one way or another. These are the best dog proof trash cans (including DIY dog proof garbage cans!) and tips for keeping your dog out of the trash once and for all!

Dog Halloween Safety Tips: 7 Things You Might Not Think Of… Really!

Obviously, you wouldn’t want your dog to become ill or injured due to your own negligence. Your dog trusts you to keep them safe. Your best bet is to keep your dog indoors and away from the commotion on Halloween night — to prevent them from becoming frightened, anxious, or injured. Here are some ways to include your dog in Halloween, without stressing out your dog!

Puppy Proofing 101: Things You Need To Do Right Away To Make Your Dog’s World Safer!

Here is a list of common everyday objects we all have in our houses that I’ve learned firsthand (and while working at a vet) can be deadly to a dog. See what you can do to modify these things to keep your dog safe. Plus, my own DIY puppy proofing tips that I use to keep my dogs safe at home.