Dog Behavior Problems

Dog behavior problems are those things you want your dog to STOP doing. See the words and signals you can use to get your dog to stop doing something very specific — like stop biting, stop chewing, stop unrolling toilet paper rolls, stop barking, stop jumping, etc. Dog moms and veterinarians share their personal and professional dog training tips that work best for problem dog behaviors and dog aggression. If everything else you’ve tried has failed… start here!

Is Your Dog Jealous? Here’s How To Stop Dog Jealousy & Aggression In Dogs

I know how challenging raising two dogs together can be — especially when one is jealous or aggressive. It’s downright scary at times! See how we dealt with many long months of sibling rivalry of the worst kind in our home, what dog jealousy and aggression look like (photos and videos), and how I managed to stop dog on dog jealousy with my dogs.

How To Find A Professional Dog Trainer

Got a new dog? Even just a few dog obedience classes can make a world of difference! Here’s how to find a professional dog trainer in your area, along with an overview of the different dog training methods commonly used.

Need A Dog Trainer? We Had Success After Dog Training Sessions On The Phone With Suzy Godsey

I’m so thrilled that I have an established relationship with a dog trainer that I trust now. So much so, that I would feel comfortable calling her again in the future with anything that might come up. I see Suzy Godsey’s over-the-phone dog training session as a great way to get back on track with your dog and to ultimately change any behavior your dog is doing that is causing more harm than good.


What To Do If Your Dog Eats Grass

Why do dogs eat grass? Some say it’s your dog’s way of getting their veggies. Even the vet will tell you, it’s perfectly normal for your dog to eat grass on occasion. But I try to keep my dogs from munching on grass. Here’s why…