First Days At Home

The first days at home with your new dog will set the foundation for your future together. That day you spend moving a dog to a new home and introducing them to a whole new world will set the tone for what you expect, what’s going to be accepted, and what’s not going to be tolerated. With consistency and patience, we will help you shape your new dog’s behavior over the next few days… weeks… months… and years. See the things you absolutely MUST do within the first few days of bringing a new dog home.

A Dog Routine For New Dog Owners: Why & How To Come Up With A Puppy Feeding Schedule And Potty Routine For Your Dog

Trying to find the right puppy feeding schedule and puppy potty routine for your new dog? See why it’s important to get your dog peeing and pooping on a regular schedule every day — and timed perfectly with your dog’s feeding schedule. Plus, how to tell when your dog needs to go outside — specific signs to watch for. I’m going to show you how to set up a daily dog feeding schedule and a dog routine for going outside.

Pet Costs: 21 Clever Ways To Save Money On Everyday Dog Care

See the true cost of owning a dog — in hard dollars — plus how to save money on pet costs. These are tips that you can use when you get a new puppy all the way through your dog’s adult life. If you’re getting a new dog soon, start here to save big bucks!

How To Calm A Frightened Dog With Treats (aka Counterconditioning)

Do you have a frightened dog only at certain times? If so, should you pet your dog to calm him during storms & other scary situations? The answer is yes, petting your dog, giving him treats, and using other calming behaviors are excellent counter conditioning methods that work!

Nervous Dogs – Try This If Your Dog Is Fearful Around People

Any time a guest inside our house physically moves (e.g. to get up after sitting down, to reach out to pet Tenor, or to give him a treat), Tenor immediately darts away… fast as lightning! When I mentioned this to our dog trainer, Suzy Godsey, here’s what she suggested…