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A Dog Routine For New Dog Owners: Why & How To Come Up With A Puppy Feeding Schedule And Potty Routine For Your Dog

Trying to find the right puppy feeding schedule and puppy potty routine for your new dog? See why it's important to get your dog peeing and pooping on a regular schedule every day -- and timed perfectly with your dog's feeding schedule. Plus, how to tell when your dog needs to go outside -- specific signs to watch for. I'm going to show you how to set up a daily dog feeding schedule and a dog routine for going outside.

Have A Nervous Dog? 2 Ways To Help A Scared Dog Around Strangers + 3 Ways To Use Play, Exercise, Training (PET) Therapy To Make A Fearful Dog More Confident

Is your dog nervous in public places? Does he always have his eye on strangers and watch their every move? A dog trainer shares 2 important ways to make your fearful dog more comfortable around strangers. Is your dog even afraid to play? Here's how to help a scared dog build confidence in themselves and become less fearful.