Crate Training Dogs

When you get a new dog, it’s usually easier (and faster) to train them if you’re using a dog crate! No, it’s not cruel or restricting for your dog — so don’t feel bad. Dogs actually LIKE having their own place where they can go to feel 100% comfortable and protected. Your dog will feel that way in their new crate rather quickly! Trust me… potty training is 10x easier. Getting your dog used to a daily routine or schedule is 10x easier. And getting your dog to sleep through the night is 10x easier. These are our best tips for crate training a dog.

Dog Crate Training Mistakes: 10 Important Things I’ve Learned That Make Crate Training A Dog Easier

The usual simple steps to crate training are practical and helpful — but they overlook the day-to-day troubles that you’re likely to face in the process of crate training a dog. Here are some important things I’ve learned about crate training dogs. I did it differently with my first dog (a Labrador) than I did with my second dog (a French Bulldog). See the 10 mistakes I’ve done when crate training dogs — and how to avoid making those same mistakes.

Some Dogs Dream While Asleep… Others Sleepwalk!

Does your dog look like he’s chasing something in his sleep? Funny isn’t it? Be careful, it could be something far more serious. Here’s what you need to know about dogs when they’re dreaming… or sleep walking!

How To Survive The Ups & Downs Of Kennel-Training

See how we survived the whole crate-training ordeal with Destin. At first, we didn’t succeed. But we stuck with it, and it eventually worked out. All it took was a couple weeks of us and our dog being a little more ‘on edge’ than usual. But we all got through it in the end, and we are SO glad that both of our dogs are now kennel trained! Here’s what worked for us…