Dog Ears & Hearing Issues

Is your dog scratching their ears? Do your dog’s ears smell bad? Itchy and smelly dog ears mean that it’s time to learn how to clean dog ears yourself! Otherwise, you’ll have some yucky dog ear problems to deal with — and expensive vet bills! See how to choose the right dog ear cleaner and the steps for cleaning dog ears quickly and easily yourself. Plus dog hearing issues and ways to prevent damaging your dog’s ears from loud noises. Good things to know for first time dog owners.

Dog have itchy smelly ears? Like most dogs with floppy ears, our dog gets ear infections. Here's the dog ear infection remedy our vet recommended. It worked!

When around a loud noise that is bother some to you keep in mind of your dogs hearing. Dogs hearing can also be seriously affected by repetitive loud noises. Here's what you need to know to protect your dog's ears.

Dogs at drag racing events and other loud sporting events like hunting need ear protection. Here are some ideas for protecting your dog's ears from damaging loud noises. These might even work well for fireworks!