Dog Ears & Hearing Issues

Is your dog scratching their ears? Do your dog’s ears smell bad? Itchy and smelly dog ears mean that it’s time to learn how to clean dog ears yourself! Otherwise, you’ll have some yucky dog ear problems to deal with — and expensive vet bills! See how to choose the right dog ear cleaner and the steps for cleaning dog ears quickly and easily yourself. Plus dog hearing issues and ways to prevent damaging your dog’s ears from loud noises. Good things to know for first time dog owners.

Dogs And Fireworks: Important 4th Of July Tips For Dog Owners (Dog Ear Plugs For Fireworks, Dog Aromatherapy & More!)

Can dogs be traumatized by fireworks? YES! If your dog becomes traumatized after fireworks, read these helpful tips. A dog’s hearing is 10 times more sensitive than a human’s, so the fireworks are likely to cause your dog some anxiety, stress, and fear. Here are 11 things you can do in the hours leading up to the fireworks to keep your dog from stressing out. Plus, 7 things you should do during the fireworks if you notice your dog becoming overly stressed by the loud noises and bright lights.

How To Clean & Treat A Dog’s Itchy Smelly Ears: Vet-Approved Products To Use

Does your dog have stinky ears? Ours does. Here’s the 2-step process my vet recommended to clean smelly dog ears AND treat a dog ear yeast infection. See the exact products my vet recommends, plus my personal experience following this dog ear infection remedy.