Kong Recipes

Dog moms share their favorite DIY Kong Recipes for dogs. See which human foods for dogs work best inside Kong toys. Plus ways to increase your dog’s interest in Kong chew toys. Kongs are one of our favorite things that make having a dog easier!

Wondering what to stuff inside of your dog's Kong toy? Here's a list of the best Kong recipes that have worked well for lots of dog owners. These dog recipes make delicious treats that you can stuff inside a Kong toy.

A list of the top 25 healthy human foods that make good dog treats and dog chews -- for everyday snacks OR to stuff inside dog Kongs and other treat toys!

Wondering exactly how other people stuff Kongs for their dogs? I'm going to show you how to stuff a Kong toy for dogs + A few Kong stuffing tips for first-timers.

We have 16 Kongs and 2 dogs. See the easiest way to clean Kong toys. All of my best tips for cleaning Kong dog toys when food is stuck inside!

My best tips for dog Kong stuffing made easy! Plus little-known secrets about putting peanut butter and other sticky substances inside dog Kong toys.

Here are all of the reasons that you should mix things up a bit when you're stuffing dog Kong treats into your dog's Kong toy. Plus, ideas for some new dog Kong treats to fill your dog's Kong with.

Is your dog new to Kong toys? Or, maybe he's simply bored with Kongs these days... Here are some ways to switch things up a bit. Fun new ways to make it more fun AND challenging for your dog to get treats out of a Kong toy.

What do most people stuff inside their dog's KONG toy?... While peanut butter is probably the most popular, it's not the ONLY thing. Here are some ideas to get you started.