Puppy Biting & Destructive Chewing

If your dog is biting your hands, fingers, ankles OR chewing on the wrong things and destroying items inside your home… you need these tips! Dog experts share their personal experiences and advice to get your dog to stop biting and chewing on the wrong things. Plus, all the best dog toys and dog chews that will last a long time — even if your dog is an aggressive chewer!

Wondering what the safest long lasting dog chews are? I did an experiment with my dogs so I could see for myself. See the 12 best dog chews that last longest.

All puppies nip and bite at hands, feet, ankles. See the #1 reason you should not allow this behavior any more + How to stop a puppy from nipping & biting.

I've always had dogs. My dogs have never chewed my things. Here's how to teach your dog what's his and what's yours - what he can chew on & what he can't.

Here are some tips for controlling nipping and biting while your puppy is still young...

Rawhide bones and dog chews are made from the skin of cows. Rawhide is an inexpensive treat for dogs, and many people keep a stock of these on hand for their pets. However, controversy has been brewing over the safety of these rawhide treats for dogs.