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This is where you’ll find our favorite durable dog toys, fun dog games, challenging dog puzzles, and other interactive gadgets & activities that will keep your dog from getting bored — indoors, outside, and when traveling. Great ideas to keep your dog active… and happy. Plus lots of fun ways for you and your dog to spend time together!

Himalayan Dog Chews (aka Yak Cheese): The Best Brands, How To Make Them Last Longer, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog!

Pros & Cons of Hamalayan dog chews as dental treats. See the #1 best thing about Himalayan yak cheese for dogs. Plus… how to make make Himalayan yak cheese chews last even longer by microwaving them!

Cow Ears For Dogs: The Pros And Cons + What You Need To Know Before Giving Cow Ear Dog Chews To Your Dog!

Thinking of giving your dog cow ear dog chews? Here are the most important things you need to know about cow ears vs. pig ears for dogs. All of the cow ear safety information you’re looking for!

Are Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs Safe? The Pros, Cons, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog!

Pressed rawhide was the very first type of dog chew that I tried with my dogs (decades ago) — after hearing all the bad things about rawhide bones and rawhide dog chews. Following are the most important things you need to know about pressed rawhide vs. regular rawhide bones for dogs. Plus all of the pressed rawhide bones safety information you’re probably wondering about!

Pros & Cons Of Cow Hooves For Dogs, Where To Buy Them, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog To Chew On!

Are cow hooves safe for dogs? How long does a hoof last? Are cow hooves good for power chewers? Everything you want to know about cow hooves for dogs – including some pros and cons you should know about!

Horns For Dogs To Chew On: Our Favorite Brands + What You Need To Know Before Giving Your Dog Goat Horns & Buffalo Horns!

While many dogs seem to enjoy gnawing on goat horns for hours, my dogs tend to get bored with them after a few minutes of chewing. Perhaps they aren’t “smelly” enough! Regardless, my dogs are still intrigued enough to gnaw on a goat horn that’s been re-introduced to them after I removed it for a few weeks.

Pros & Cons Of Antlers For Dogs, Our Favorite Brands, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog To Chew On!

Deer And Elk Antlers For Dogs 101 – Antlers are naturally shed from both elk and deer — and they make fabulous dog chews! Wondering which are the best antlers for dogs? Here’s how to choose the right antler dog chews for your dog, the pros and cons of antlers for dogs, how to soften them, and the best place to buy them!

The Best Bones For Dogs: A List Of Butcher Bones Safe For Dogs + What You Need To Know Before Giving Raw Bones To Your Dog!

The Best Raw Bones For Dogs – A list of safe dog bones for chewing that are the least likely to splinter. See the specific bones to ask your butcher for, what to look for in grocery stores, and where to find raw bones for dogs online. (I usually buy several pounds at a time, and I freeze them.)

How To Prevent Dog Boredom: Here Are 9 Easy Ways To Entertain Your Dog At Home

Looking for ways to prevent dog boredom? Here are 9 easy ways to keep your dog busy. See how to entertain your dog at home, indoors, outside, and while you’re at work!

Fun Ways To Cure Cabin Fever When You’re Stuck Inside AND You Have Dogs (25 Useful Things I’ve Been Doing With My Dogs While We’re Stuck At Home!)

When I’m stuck at home and experiencing cabin fever for whatever reason AND my dogs are there with me, I find myself searching for ways to do these 2 things: save money and get organized! Specifically, I’m always on the hunt to find new ways to save money on stuff for the dog (dog treats, dog food, dog toys, dog beds, dog grooming items, etc). And I’m also looking for clever ways to re-organize all of the dog’s gear and supplies (like I way I organized all of the dog treats and dog food in our house). Today I’m going to share with you some fun ways to do BOTH of those things while spending good quality time with your dog at the same time!