Dog Toys Games & Enrichment

This is where you’ll find our favorite durable dog toys, fun dog games, challenging dog puzzles, and other interactive gadgets & activities that will keep your dog from getting bored — indoors, outside, and when traveling. Great ideas to keep your dog active… and happy. Plus lots of fun ways for you and your dog to spend time together!

Pressed rawhide bones safety info for dog owners. The most important things you need to know about pressed rawhide vs. regular rawhide bones for dogs.

How do you mentally stimulate a dog? Fun ways to challenge dogs and keep them from getting bored! Homemade brain games + DIY dog games and activities.

Interactive dog toys (or enrichment dog toys) provide a challenge for your dog. Their unique features keep your dog interested & having fun for hours! These are the best ones to start with -- use them to gauge your dog's interest and chewing behaviors before you buy a bunch of toys for your bored dog.

The Wicked Ball is one of the best interactive dog toys I've seen. It's 100% automatic, rolls & moves by itself, even turns itself ON &OFF! My dogs LOVE it.

Best thing about the "smart" Cheerble Wicked Ball for dogs is the fact that a dog can play with it for hours without the need for a human to re-start it!

These are the most important things you need to know about cow ears vs. pig ears for dogs. Plus all of the cow ear safety information you're looking for!

Are cow hooves safe for dogs? How long does a hoof last? Are cow hooves good for power chewers? Everything you want to know about cow hooves for dogs!

The Best Raw Bones For Dogs - A list of safe dog bones for chewing that are the least likely to splinter. Get them from a butcher, grocery store, or online!

In our house of many dogs, the best dog balls are Splash Bombs - see why! Then Zogoflex Dog Balls, Kong Tennis Balls, Wicked Ball, Omega Tricky Treat Ball.