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This is where you’ll find our favorite durable dog toys, fun dog games, challenging dog puzzles, and other interactive gadgets & activities that will keep your dog from getting bored — indoors, outside, and when traveling. Great ideas to keep your dog active… and happy. Plus lots of fun ways for you and your dog to spend time together!

Top 5 Dog Balls: My Dogs Like Splash Bombs Best (See Why + 4 Other Dog Balls We Like!)

Some say that the best dog toy in the world is a tennis ball. Others think Kong toys are best. I have a hard time arguing against either of those, but in our house of many dogs, the best balls for dogs are clearly Splash Bombs! Followed by Zogoflex durable dog balls, Kong LARGE tennis balls, the Wicked Ball, and the Omega Tricky Treat Ball. See why these are our top 5 picks for best dog balls!

Warning: Dog Tennis Ball Dangers!

Most people are not aware of the fact that tennis balls can actually be dangerous to dogs. The danger is that when playing fetch with your dog, the ball could get stuck in your dog’s throat when he catches it.

All About Kong Toys & Why Our Dogs Love Them

There’s no doubt about it, our dogs have gotten years of enjoyment out of Kong toys. We currently own 16 of ’em! And we, in return, have gotten a lot of peace & and quiet — and content dogs — thanks to Kongs!