All About Kong Toys & Why Our Dogs Love Them

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There’s no doubt about it, our dogs have gotten years of enjoyment out of Kong toys.

We currently own 16 Kongs!


Why? Because at one time we had 3 dogs, and we made a habit of giving them stuffed Kongs in their crates any time we left them home alone. Plus, we store our Kongs in the freezer after stuffing them, so the more Kongs the better!

In return, we have gotten a lot of peace (and quiet) and happy content dogs — thanks to Kong dog toys.


Why so many Kongs? Having Kongs prepared makes it easy to toss them to your dog whenever necessary. Give your dog a couple of Kongs in the morning; one after he’s gone outside to relieve himself and one a few minutes before you leave. This keeps his focus on the Kong and not on your leaving helping to ease any anxiety surrounding your departure. –I Love Dogs


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In case you’re wondering… the folks at the Kong Company don’t have a clue who I am. We’ve paid full price for each of the 16 Kong toys we own. And no one has ever asked me to post anything about Kongs.

For what it’s worth, we even submitted photos of our dogs enjoying their Kong toys in a couple of the “Official Kong Photo Contests,” but we’ve never won.

Can’t help it… we just love Kongs!

If you like dog Kong toys as much as I (and my dogs) do, then this behind-the-scenes tour of the Kong factory will make your day.