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Kong ZIGGIES Dog Chews: A Review

Kong ZIGGIES are long-lasting dog chews made by the KONG Company.

Ziggies puppy treats by Kong are a favorite in our house.

Here’s why Puppy ZIGGIES are great for young pups and adult dogs, alike. And why dog owners love ’em too!

Puppy ZIGGIES are low in fat, high in protein and calcium enriched for growing bones and healthy teeth. The flavor and texture are irresistible. Independent analysis confirms Puppy ZIGGIES are 95% digestible and highly palatable.
KONG Company

Our Dogs’ First Kong Ziggies


We have 2 dogs — both Black Lab mixes, aged 7 months and 3 years.

puppy-ziggies.gifWe got them both the “Large” size Kong Ziggies to snack on.

ziggies-raw.jpgThese long-lasting dog treats have a chewy texture that won’t crack or splinter.

That’s probably the best thing about these dog chews, in my opinion. I like not having to worry about what the dogs are putting in their mouths — for a change.

Tenor wasn't sure what to do with this good-smelling white stick.

The KONG Company says their safe, firm, chewy texture consists of “vegetable derived glycerin and glycerides of edible fatty acids.”

Here's Tenor sucking on his ZIGGIES dog chew.

They are made of “pure wheat gluten and chicken liver”… which means they’re high in protein.

On top of that, they include natural alfalfa and parsley which help to reduce bad breath, gas, and feces odors.

Tenor enjoying Puppy ZIGGIES... especially when they start to crumble... he got tired of chewing!

Overall, both of my dogs love Puppy ZIGGIES!

I like ’em because they last a little longer than your typical dog treat. In fact, our younger dog (Tenor) actually got tired of gnawing on his after awhile & he needed to give his jaw a rest.

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