Dog Food Kibble

Anything that has to do with store-bought dog food & dog treats can be found right here! (HOMEMADE dog food & treats are covered in separate categories on this website.) Kibble is the regular pellet-type dog food that most people feed their dogs. Dog moms share their personal experiences, tips, and advice for feeding a dog food from stores and online pet sites.


How To Determine The Best Dog Food For You (…And Your Dog)

How is one to know what brand of dog food is really the best for your dog? There are so many conflicting stories about the different brands, manufacturers, and types of dog foods. Choosing the right dog food for your pet is a very personal decision. Here’s how I reached a decision as to the best dog food for my dogs.

Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food: A Review

Each of our dogs has tried almost every variety of Nutro dog food that’s available, and we keep coming back to Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice as the favorite in our household. Here’s why we love the Nutro dog food varieties.