Celebrity Pet Food Lines Which Feature Organic & Natural Products For Dogs

by Regina

Celebrity Dog Owners, Dog Food Brands & Human Foods For Dogs

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dog-food-and-water-bowl-by-oceanviews.jpg You may have seen commercials on TV lately advertising some new celebrity pet food lines.

Does your favorite Hollywood celeb have a line of dog food products?

Are these foods actually different (or better) than other commercial dog foods?

Here are some of the top celebrity pet foods which specifically have products for dogs…


Ellen DeGeneresHalo Purely For Pets

If you read a label for any of the Halo pet food, you will easily recognize the ingredients. In fact, I looked at one, and quite honestly their food almost looks good enough for people to eat! I’m not suggesting that you try it, but the mixture of ingredients almost looks like something you would make for yourself.

Our premium quality ingredients and commitment to holistic pet care separate us from many other pet care companies. Our first priority is the health and well-being of your pet. Our commitment to wholesome, natural, quality pet products is unparalleled. Our holistic pet care approach drives us to develop all-natural products with ingredients chosen to give your pet a happier, healthier life. Extensive study and the input of nutritional experts are the backbone of our healthy dog and cat food, nutritional supplements, herbal grooming supplies and treats. — Halo Pet Food


More about QVC host Carolyn Gracie eating Halo dog food on air.

Compare the ingredients of Halo’s Spot Stew and (Human) Chicken Soup.

Rachel RayNutrish Premium Dog Food

This famous chef has her own line of dog food and dog treats made from natural ingredients. The main ingredients are bacon, vegetables, and beef or chicken. Also, one very nice thing about her pet food products is that 100% of the proceeds go to Rachel’s Rescue — an organization to help pets.

With Rachael Ray Nutrish, my Isaboo gets all the delicious goodness she loves to gobble up and all the nutrition I want her to have. Real meat — like chicken or beef —  is the first ingredient. There are no fillers. No junk. Just lots of good, wholesome stuff. How cool is that? — Rachel Ray




Cesar MillanDog Whisperer Dog Food

The Dog Whisperer has his own line of dog food made with organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. There’s a puppy formula, adult dog formula, and a weight-management formula. The Dog Whisperer line also includes organic dog treats. His products are all available at Petco.

Cesar Millan dog food does contain grains in the form of Organic Barley and Organic Oats. All these grains are organic and of decent quality … Cesar Millan dog food also contain minimal amounts of meat. There are only 1-2 meat ingredients in the first five ingredients. — Dog Food Review




Norman LevitzWagatha’s Gourmet Organic Dog Treats

This famous chef created this line of organic dog treats which are also Kosher. I guess if you happen to be Jewish and want your dog to follow the proper dietary guidelines with you, then this is a welcomed addition. They’re also wheat free which can be a good thing, especially if your dog has allergies.

The products that we make are 100% organic, we manufacture everything right here in Vermont. Most of our ingredients are domestic and the ones that aren’t are either from Central America or Europe. Everything we do is human quality.  — Norman Levitz




Dick Van PattenNatural Balance Pet Food

This longtime actor has had his own pet food company for over 20 years now. The Natural Balance dog formulas provide all-natural, complete and balanced nutrition in a variety of dog foods: dry, canned, dog food rolls, frozen loaves and treats.

My partners and I started Natural Balance Pet Foods in 1989 with the intention of developing the finest, healthiest pet food on the market. We wanted a pet food based on sound scientific principles and truth, not marketing hype. We did it! Not only for dogs & cats, but for large carnivores, such as lions, tigers, polar bears, and wolves in zoos and animal reserves worldwide! — Dick Van Patten




Andrea ArdenWellness Natural Pet Food

This celebrity pet expert and dog trainer to the stars recently gave some advice to the Obamas regarding their new dog, and she endorsed Wellness Natural Pet Food. She says this is the dog food that she feeds her own dogs. They follow the same rules that the FDA puts out for human food, which ensures that the pet food they sell goes through the same rigorous routine that any food for people would go through before being allowed to be sold.

Wellness is a uniquely formulated holistic pet food made primarily with human grade ingredients. Wellness dog foods were introduced in 1997 and cat foods were added to the line in 2000. The Wellness formula instantly created a revolution in the pet food industry by taking a holistic approach that incorporates human grade deboned chicken and fish, hormone-free lamb, healthy grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables. — Wellness Pet Foods