Do You Know What To Do If You Hit A Dog With Your Car?

There are laws in place in most cities about what you must do if you hit someone’s pet with your car. Unfortunately, there is very little information about this online, but there is certainly a lot of discussion about it! Most people have the wrong information. To help set the record straight, here is what you must do if you hit someone’s pet…

This dogs paws are red and swollen from constant licking due to allergies. photo by twodolla on Flickr

5 Natural Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Allergies

Dog allergies can be very debilitating. The symptoms are enough to make you cringe. Fortunately, there are several natural cures for dog allergies that you can try in order to help relieve your dog’s allergy symptoms.

Home Remedies For Dog Vomiting

Most cases of dog vomiting will clear up within 24 hours or less using these tips. However, if your dog has not stopped vomiting within 24 hours, then you need to take your dog to to the vet because the vomiting is likely resulting from something more serious.