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Filtered Water & Bottled Water For Dogs? For Many, Dog Drinking Water Is A Concern

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By Regina

As long as I can remember, there’s always been controversy surrounding the safety of tap water for human consumption vs bottled water.

Now, some dog owners are wondering whether tap water is safe enough for their pets as well.

Tap water is marginally accepted as a source of water for dogs but is generally not recommended. If you know the exact number of total dissolved solids in your tap water, you may choose to use it. Water containing less than 5000 parts per million of total dissolved solids is considered acceptable for pets. [7000 parts per million is considered unacceptable for livestock.] Tap water may pose other risks if it is high in iron, magnesium, or nitrates. All untreated water can harbor parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

~ Source

According to one study led by Dr. Lorraine Backer of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, dogs have nothing to worry about when it comes to the risk of getting bladder cancer from drinking tap water (although humans apparently do have a risk).

The reason that dogs can safely drink tap water is due to the fact that their water tends to sit for long periods of time in their bowls. So the dangerous chemicals have time to evaporate away. Plus, a dog’s digestive system is different than ours, therefore the chemicals produced when organic matter and chemicals from the tap water (like chlorine) mix just aren’t the same in dogs as they are in humans. That’s not to say that dirty water (or water that’s in a contaminated food bowl) can’t pose a risk to your dog though.

While it appears that tap water is relatively safe to use for dog drinking water, many pet owners still aren’t taking any chances. They are buying bottled dog water or they’re filtering their dog’s water instead of using water straight from the tap.

See why many dog owners don’t give tap water to their dogs, along with some of the dangers lurking in your dog’s water.

Following are the best options when it comes to providing pure and clean water for your dog including filtered water and bottled water for dogs…

Dog Bottled Water Companies

Many of these are regular beverage companies or vitamin companies that have decided to branch out into the pet market.

Of course, we’re talking non-carbonated water here.

VitaPaw is pure natural water with a boatload of vitamins and minerals added. This bottled dog drinking water comes in 1/2-liter or 1-liter bottles (sold by the bottle or by the case) and come with a pop-up sports cap. Call for prices.

Pet-Friendly Spring Water is manufactured in the USA and contains 100% natural spring water. There are no flavored added, and it’s human-consumption approved. Call for prices.

Dog Water Filtration Systems

Of course, if your dog is big & tall, here’s yet another way for your dog to get filtered water:

See how to make your own filtered dog watering bowl!

While not a necessity for your dog’s overall health and well-being, if you want to pamper your pooch and help to ensure that your dog has the purest, cleanest drinking water available, then you might want to add filtered or bottled dog water to your shopping list.

It certainly can’t hurt!

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