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Feeding Tips For Dogs

Here are 10 interesting facts about dogs that most people don't know. See why these are my favorite Dog Facts vs. Dog Myths to share with new dog owners.

My dog had TPLO surgery for a torn ACL. I documented ALL details of the recovery process so you know what to expect when YOUR dog gets home after surgery.

How I avoided Littermate Syndrome raising 2 puppies at the same time. Extra things you need to pay attention to + Products that make raising 2 dogs easier.

How often do you feed a puppy? How often does a puppy need to go outside to potty? See how to create a puppy potty schedule & feeding schedule for your dog.

Have a senior dog? Here are the most common health problems in older dogs that you need to be aware of. How to prepare for your senior dog’s final years healthwise.


Human Food Safe For Dogs - The ultimate list of 22 human foods NOT safe for dogs + 70 foods you CAN give your dog according to pet experts! Plus, what you should know if you decide to offer table scraps or people food to your dog.

What should you do if your dog ate chicken bones? My dog did it. Lots of other dogs have too. Here's what you need to know about dogs eating chicken bones & turkey bones.

Switching dog food happens at least twice in a dog's life - as they transition from puppy to adult, and then from adult to senior. Here are the steps to transition your dog to a new food with ease in 5 or 10 days.

I have 2 large dogs. They pretty much go wherever I go! See my list of dog travel necessities (7 dog car safety items + 7 clever dog travel accessories) -- the most important things to pack for dog car travel, plus a few clever dog car accessories you probably haven't thought of.