Raising Two Dogs

Getting a second dog? Living in a house with multiple dogs? Dog owners who’ve been there share their personal experiences, tips, and advice for raising more than one dog in the same household. See how to properly introduce two dogs, train two dogs, feed two dogs, and crate two dogs at the same time. Also, male dog vs female dog similarities and differences you need to know!

How I avoided Littermate Syndrome raising 2 puppies at the same time. Extra things you need to pay attention to + Products that make raising 2 dogs easier.

Managing A Multi-Dog Household: Pros & Cons of having two dogs. Tips for introducing, feeding, walking, sleeping, crating, and training multiple dogs. How to get dogs to get along when you're raising two dogs together!

Dealing with dog aggression issues? Me too! We went from 2 dogs to 3 dogs. The middle dog immediately was aggressive with the new puppy. My tips for adding another dog into your family.

Do you already have one dog in your house? Thinking of adding a second dog to your family pack? Here's how to properly introduce the two dogs BEFORE you bring the new dog home.

There are lots of reasons that two dogs make sense, but there are also some pitfalls.One of those is dog training! Here are some helpful tips when training two dogs in one household.

Who is really the boss in your home... You, or your dog? If you've got more than one dog, which one is the top dog? You need to know this...

Here's an update on our new puppy, now 4 months old. He's a black lab-great pyrenees mix. Here are a ton of pictures of the puppy (Tenor), and his big brother, Destin -- also a black lab mix.

Things you need to consider before bringing ANOTHER dog home. Because raising two dogs together comes with its own unique challenges. Been there, done that!

What should you do when an overly protective older dog goes too far in his role as Alpha dog? Sometimes the leader of the pack needs to learn a few things himself!