Two Male Dogs Playing Tag: Winner Gets A Mouthful Of Fur

Sometimes we call it brotherly love… or ring-around-the-rosie… or just a fun game of doggie tag.

These are pictures of my 2 dogs, Jersey and Tenor, which make me laugh every time I view them!

“The little guy”, Tenor, is repeatedly taunting the “old man”, Jersey.


In the following pictures, Tenor was 3 months old and Jersey was 15 years old.

I’m convinced Tenor only did it because he loved Jersey’s white, fluffy fur so much. (That, and it may have been some form of “dominant” behavior that he was trying to display as a puppy.)

It wasn’t until recently that we realized Tenor was just checkin’ for Jesus all this time!

Enjoy the pictures of my 2 male dogs displaying some brotherly love…


This Isn’t The Funny Part

Trust me when I say… despite how angry and mean Jersey (the white dog) looks, he never once lashed out at the little puppy or bit him in any way. And you had to know Jersey to know that he was a little “grumpy” in his old age, and he definitely liked some space. So Jersey would bare his teeth like this even when Tenor (the new puppy) would get within 6 inches of Jersey’s personal space. Our other dog, Destin, had figured this out by now, but this was the puppy’s schooling in the early days.

Also… Rest assured, after the first few times we noticed this happening, we did everything in our power to stop it. We didn’t want little Tenor being a bully to Jersey in any way. But we photographed the first few times we saw it happening.

this-is-fun-for-awhile.jpg tenor-checking-for-jesus.jpg havent-i-told-you-to-stop.jpg
attached-at-the-butt.jpg jersey-cant-escape-tenor.jpg

This Is The Funny Part

furry-fun.jpgTenor with a mouthful of white fur. Good thing Jersey had plenty of it!…

n fact, Jersey shed so much, we’d get at least a cupful every time we’d brush him.

In this case, Tenor saved us some brushing…

white-bearded-black-dog.jpg tenor-mouthful-of-fur.jpg doesnt-taste-like-chocolate.jpg

Round Two… Indoors!

can-i-tell-you-a-secret.jpg tenors-at-it-again.jpg leave-me-alone.jpg
look-what-i-got.jpg you-look-good-with-a-beard.jpg tasty.jpg