Dog Communication 101

Dog Communication 101 – How do dogs communicate with humans… and with each other? Wondering how to make sense of dog body language? Dog language can be explained by their tail wags, ear motions, shoulder movements, and eyes. See how to communicate with dogs and make sense of what they’re trying to tell you. Stop asking what is my dog saying? Find out here… dog behavior explained!


Secrets To Understanding What A Wagging Dog Tail Means

This video shows 3 wagging dog tail behaviors that your dog may display. Once you recognize these 3 tail wagging behaviors, start paying attention to whether your dog wags his tail to the right or the left. Each way means something different.

Can Your Dog Spell Words?… I Think Mine Can

My husband and I have resorted to SPELLING various words around our dog in order to talk about certain things in his presence, without him knowing it. The idea: If we spell it, he won’t hear that magic word that gets him all riled up in anticipation of whatever it is. Wrong!…