Interesting Dog & People Similarities

by Carrie

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dogs-and-people-bonding-byelisfanclub.jpg It’s amazing how many dog & people similarities really do exist.

That’s right, for many of the things that we do as humans, there’s an equivalent behavior in the dog world.

For example, do you like getting a back massage?  Most humans do.

Just the same, dogs love to have their bellies rubbed.

A dog getting a belly rub is like us getting a back massage.  I know I enjoy getting a back massage, and my dogs love having their bellies rubbed.


More Similarities Between Dogs And People

While watching my dogs lick stuff outside of the inside of a Kong, it reminds me of when I eat an ice cream cone.

You know how after you eat the ice cream down to the top of the cone, you try and lick the ice cream out of the inside of the cone?  This is exactly what the dogs are doing to a Kong that’s been stuffed with treats.

Another similarity between dogs and people is doggy dental treats.  If you think about it, dogs eating dental treats is the same as us eating gummy vitamins.  The vitamin gummy is chewy and healthy for us — just like the doggy dental treats are chewy and good for our dogs.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and after you got your food noticed what someone at another table is eating and wanted what they had?  This is the same with multiple dogs getting treats.  Both dogs usually want what the other dog is eating!

A few other dog & people similarities are:

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