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Do You Know Where Your Dog’s Sweet Spot Is?

Finding your dog’s sweet spot is definitely a process…

Do you know your dog's sweet spot?

It’s something you learn over time.

But one thing’s for sure:

Once you find it, your dog won’t let you forget it!


Our Dogs’ Sweet Spots

Jim scratching Jersey's itch where he likes it most -- right between the eyes.

My American Eskimo (Jersey) used to like having his forehead rubbed — right between his eyes. And if you ventured toward the sides a bit — right over his eyelids — he’d practically fall asleep on the spot.

I recently discovered that my 7-month-old Black Lab/Great Pyrenees mix (Tenor) starts “talking” to you every time you touch the inside of his ears. He groans with delight whenever you rub the inside of his ears with your finger (…using the same wide, circular motion that you would when applying a doggie ear cleaner.)

Tenor scratching his own ear. Tenor gets an ear rub from Jim while Destin looks on, jealous.For the record, he’s never even had his ears cleaned yet. But our 3-year-old Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix (Destin) has been receiving regular ear cleanings for the past couple of years now. More on that here.

Here’s why dogs get high off dog ear rubs.

Destin‘s “sweet spot” is low on his belly, close to his hind legs. If you get it just right, he’ll even start reflexively “scratching” with that leg at the same time. And when you stop, he’ll lightly paw you with his front leg for more (…at the same time he’s giving you the saddest puppy-dog eyes).

Jim tickling Destin on his belly. Lynnette tickling destin's belly. Jim rubbing Destin's belly in the spot he likes best.A close runner-up for Destin, though, is a good ear rub. But he prefers an external ear-rub, as opposed to an internal rub like Tenor. We use the same circular motion as when applying the ear cleaner, only it’s his own ear flap massaging the inside of his ear instead of a cotton ball or my fingers. It practically puts him in a trance.

Here’s more about our dogs Jersey, Destin, and Tenor.


How Dogs Scratch Their Own Itches

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