Calming Dog Aromatherapy: How To Treat Anxiety In Dogs

by Lynnette

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Purple fireworks display overhead. For dogs that become anxious or nervous whenever they hear loud noises — such as lightning, thunder, fireworks — or dogs that experience anxiety whenever they’re traveling, being groomed, or at the vet, there are a number of simple (and good-smelling) things you can do.

Dog aromatherapy is famous for its calming effect on dogs… and their owners!

Aromatherapy is simply a way to treat lots of dog (and human) problems simply by appealing to the senses.

It has been determined that Essential Oils have aromatherapy properties which are effective with both pets and humans.

Dog Appeasing Pheromones

For dogs with a serious case of anxiety around loud noises — including lightning, thunder, fireworks — consider Pheromones (specifically, DAPDog Appeasing Pheromones) “to naturally control and manage pet behavior associated with anxiety, fear, stress or phobias.”

The Pheromones are released into the animal’s environment through a diffuser that plugs into an electrical outlet, delivering 24 hours a day for approximately 30 days for trouble-free treatment. Farnam Pet Products

This type of pheromone therapy will ease your dog through even the noisiest celebrations or storms.

Other Types Of Aromatherapy

Our dog, Destin, likes aromatherapy!You could also try a standard in-home diffuser and a blend of Essential Oils that will yield the aromatherapy properties that are best for over-anxious dogs. There are several varieties of diffusers to choose from including plug-in types, heat lamps, and even candles that will yield similar results.

For the quickest results, you would want to apply a drop or two of Essential Oils directly onto your dog’s skin, and massage it in.

The trick with using Essential Oils to modify a dog’s mood or behavior is knowing which scent (or combination of scents) is best for the dog’s mood or behavior at the moment.

Tips For Using Aromatherapy To Calm Anxious Dogs

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Signs of Stress In Dogs

Not sure how to tell if your dog is nervous, anxious or stressed?

Dogs show stress in the following ways:

  • clinging to you
  • panting, rapid breathing
  • pacing back & forth
  • shaking or trembling
  • hiding behind or underneath objects
  • digging or chewing to escape