How To Calm A Frightened Dog With Treats (aka Counterconditioning)

Do you have a frightened dog only at certain times? If so, should you pet your dog to calm him during storms & other scary situations? The answer is yes, petting your dog, giving him treats, and using other calming behaviors are excellent counter conditioning methods that work!

Dog Aromatherapy 101: How & Why To Use Essential Oils With Your Dog

There are lots of times when you might want to try dog aromatherapy — for example, if you have a nervous dog or an anxious dog. With dog aromatherapy, there are lots of ways to use fun scents — that come in sprays or essential oils — around the house. It’s these unique scents that have beneficial effects on dogs.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe During Storms Including Hurricanes, Tornadoes & Evacuations

Whenever we’re preparing for a really bad storm, I make a point to gather the dog’s necessities, in addition to our own. Even if you’re not officially evacuating, you never know when you when you might need to seek shelter somewhere else at the last minute. Or, you may even have to stay in a public shelter temporarily if the storm wreaks havoc on your entire neighborhood. Here’s what to pack for your dog.

Got Dogs?… Better Check Your Doors Windows!

Dogs frequently like to look out windows and screen doors, but it’s important to realize the many dangers that lurk around windows and doors when it comes to your pet. Here’s what you need to know… some little-known facts that could save your dog’s life!

Calming Dog Aromatherapy: How To Treat Anxiety In Dogs

For dogs that become anxious or nervous whenever they hear loud noises — such as lightning, thunder, fireworks — or dogs that experience anxiety whenever they’re traveling, being groomed, or at the vet, there are a number of simple and good-smelling things you can do… Dog aromatherapy is famous for its calming effect on dogs… and their owners!