Choosing A Dog

Wondering how to find a dog that you can easily spend the next 15 to 20 years with? You’ve come to the right place! Choosing the RIGHT dog is incredibly important and lays the foundation for your lifelong bond together. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision before you bring a new dog home! See how to find the best dog breed for your current living situation (if you live in an apartment, have a baby, or have other pets). Plus tips for your very first time fostering dogs, rescuing dogs, and adopting the right dog for your family.

Best Apartment Dogs By Breed + Tips For Finding Dog Friendly Apartments That You’ll Be Happy In

Good apartment dogs come in all shapes and sizes — your best choice will be one with an energy level that matches your lifestyle! See a list of the best dog breeds for apartments. Plus, important things you need to know before adopting a dog that will live in an apartment. Finally, see how to find dog friendly apartments nearby. And tips for getting apartments that allow dogs to accept YOUR dog!

How To Become A Dog Foster Parent ~ What To Expect

See why most people ultimately decide to foster dogs, and how to find dog foster opportunities where you live. Plus, see what’s required to foster a dog and what you can expect if you become a dog foster parent.

Are You Giving A Christmas Puppy As A Gift?

In addition to the time required to train and care for a new puppy and the financial obligations required throughout the dog’s life, there are dozens of reasons that a Christmas puppy shouldn’t be given as a gift on Christmas Day. BUT… here’s how you can still give a Christmas puppy as a holiday gift!

Do NOT Bring A New Dog Home Until You Watch These 3 Cesar Millan DVDs!

These 3 videos contain information that is helpful for new dog owners as well as lifelong dog owners — like myself. I learned so much from these DVDs… and I’ve had dogs all my life! I predict these Cesar Millan DVDs will be a lifesaver for lots of dog owners — especially those who have reached their peak level of frustration and don’t know where else to turn.