Feeding Tips & Changing Your Dog's Food

These are our tried and true dog mom tips for feeding young puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. See how to get your new dog on a routine feeding schedule — exactly how much and when to feed your dog (and how to coordinate their feedings with their potty schedule). Also, how to transition your dog from one food to another without causing an upset tummy and/or diarrhea! Finally, see the best dog food and water bowls recommended for dogs. All good things to know for first time dog owners.

Changing Dog Food: HOW To Transition Your Dog To A New Food + WHEN To Switch To Adult Dog Food And Senior Dog Food

Switching dog food will happen at least twice in your dog’s life: 1) as they transition from puppy to adult, and 2) as they transition from adult to senior dog. You can’t just change dog food overnight though! Here are the steps to transition your dog with ease to a new food in 5 or 10 days — whether you’re switching from puppy food to adult dog food, from adult food to senior dog food, or there’s some other reason for you to switch food (like allergies, weight issues, health concerns, etc.)