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Raised Dog Food Bowls …For Big Dogs

our-pets-big-dog-feederPersonally, I know that dogs (even big dogs) can live long, happy lives if they eat their food at floor-level.

They do it in the wild.

And they probably do it in 90% of all households.

My guess is I’m among the few who have purchased a raised dog food feeder for their dogs.

But here’s why I did… and why I recommend that you do, too.


Our Pets Raised Dog Feeder

The Our Pets Big Dog Feeder is:

Plus, our big dogs just look more comfortable while eating from raised food bowls than they do when they’re stooping down to eat out of bowls placed on the floor!

Destin drinking water out of his big dog feeder. He's the one we initally bought the raised feeder for.

Why I Like This Raised Dog Feeder:

 It’s very durable and dog-proof.
The rugged thick plastic is tough and long-lasting. (We’ve used ours for over 3 years now and it still looks like new.)

 It’s easy to clean.
The stainless steel bowls wipe perfectly clean every time. The base itself wipes clean with a soft cloth. I’m sure you could use chemical cleaners or abrasive scrubs on this product, and it still wouldn’t hurt the finish, but I’ve never had to do that thorough of a cleaning.

The bowls rest securely in place.
In the heavy-duty plastic base, there are perfectly shaped cut-outs where the bowls go. As a result, when your dog is eating or drinking, the bowls stay in place, rather than scooting all over the floor. (There’s also a small notched-out space, making it easy for you to grab the lip of each bowl with your fingers anytime you need to refill them with food or water.)

It comes with a built-in placemat.
Surrounding each of the bowls themselves, is a wide catch-all base, where drips and crumbs tend to fall. This prevents spills and splashes from messy eaters ever reaching your floor or carpet!

There are no sharp edges.
Before I bought this one, I had tried a raised dog feeder that was more “cute” than it was practical. It had wrought-iron designs all around the top — like a border around the bowls. Adorable, yes. But the dog’s dangling tags kept getting caught in between the open slats of the wire design! When your dog appears at your side toting a pretty wire feeder tray attached to his collar, it’s not so pretty anymore.

It has a very sturdy base.
The legs are filled (by you) with sand or pebbles. (We chose sand.) Best I can tell, there’s no way that the feeder could ever be tipped over or even bumped in a manner that would spill the contents of the bowls. This feed station itself stays in one place — all the time.

It looks good.
I don’t feel like I have to “hide” the dog’s food & water bowls whenever company comes over anymore.


The Bottom Line…

The Our Pets Big Dog Feeder includes a raised dog food platform and 2 bowls — 1 for food, and 1 for water. This sturdy tray is the ultimate feeding station for big dogs. Your dog will love it just as much as you do!

Tenor eating out of his 'old' puppy-sized food and water bowls. Destin proved to be a little food-aggressive, so we've always separated Destin and Tenor whenever they eat. No real worries at this point though... Tenor still can't reach! Tenor still not quite tall enough to eat or drink from the Big Dog Raised Feeder... Finally, Destin gave in and allowed Tenor to drink out of his water bowl... but never his food bowl.