Preventing Littermate Syndrome In Dogs: How To Raise Two Puppies (From The Same Litter OR Different Litters) At Once Without Issues

Is Littermate Syndrome real? YES! Most experts strongly advise against raising sibling puppies — because they may become difficult to handle as they mature due … Read more

Dog Motorcycle Riding: Safe vs. Unsafe Options (Plus Our Favorite Motorcycle Gear For Dogs!)

Here are my photos of dogs riding motorcycles… at fast speeds on highways! I never thought I’d see this in person… but I did. If you’re considering riding with your dog on the motorcycle, please also consider a dog motorcycle carrier of some sort, dog goggles, and a dog helmet. Or a motorcycle dog trailer — like my friend uses when motorcycling with her two large dogs! (See pictures here.)

WARNING: 2 Different Types Of Dog Collars Almost Strangled My Dog! Here’s Which Dog Collars Are Safe

Here’s proof that a basic dog collar (and even your dog’s ID tags) can be dangerous, causing your dog to get entangled — even strangled! It happened to me twice with 2 different types of dog collars. See which types of collars they were — and which types of dog collars are safe to use.

Fun Ways To Cure Cabin Fever When You’re Stuck Inside AND You Have Dogs (25 Useful Things I’ve Been Doing With My Dogs While We’re Stuck At Home!)

When I’m stuck at home and experiencing cabin fever for whatever reason AND my dogs are there with me, I find myself searching for ways to do these 2 things: save money and get organized! Specifically, I’m always on the hunt to find new ways to save money on stuff for the dog (dog treats, dog food, dog toys, dog beds, dog grooming items, etc). And I’m also looking for clever ways to re-organize all of the dog’s gear and supplies (like I way I organized all of the dog treats and dog food in our house). Today I’m going to share with you some fun ways to do BOTH of those things while spending good quality time with your dog at the same time!

Looking For The Best Pet Brush? See Why So Many Dog Owners & Groomers Think The Furminator DeShedding Tool Is The Best Dog Brush For Shedding

Looking for Furminator reviews? Or the best dog brush for shedding? I’ve found a pet brush that blows all the others away. The Furminator deShedding tool is my all-time favorite dog brush. I’ve been using the Furminator for dogs since 2008… and it still looks and works like new! Here’s my review of the Furminator dog brush.

Best Gifts For Dog Lovers: 30+ Dog Gifts For Dog Owners That I Use… And My Dogs Love!

Looking for the best dog gifts for yourself or a fellow dog lover? Here are 30+ clever gifts for dog owners. Helpful dog Christmas gifts they’ll really use! I know, because I’ve had dogs all my life, and I actually use every single one of these items and my dogs like ’em too.

Best Dog Proof Trash Cans + DIY Ideas For Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Garbage

It can be difficult to outwit a smart dog that is determined to get into the garbage one way or another. These are the best dog proof trash cans (including DIY dog proof garbage cans!) and tips for keeping your dog out of the trash once and for all!

Need A Dog Car Seat Protector? I Have 3 Dogs – Here’s My Review Of The 3-In-1 iBuddy Dog Car Hammock, Dog Cargo Cover & Dog Cargo Kennel

We have 3 dogs and 2 vehicles. I use the 3-in-1 iBuddy dog cargo cover / dog car hammock to protect the inside of our SUV from dog fur, dog drool, and dog toenail marks. See how I also use this dog seat protector as a cargo kennel — and why I love it!

Bristly Dog Toothbrush Toy Review: Pros & Cons Of The Bristly Brushing Stick (aka Brite Bite Dental Stick) – It’s Easier Than Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth Manually!

The Bristly dog toothbrush is a special chew toy that functions as a toothbrush for dogs. Who doesn’t need a little help brushing their dog’s teeth??? If there’s an easier way to do it… I’m all in! Dog teeth brushing is one thing that is not all that easy to do. I still do it with all 3 of my dogs — but it’s not what I’d call fun. The Bristly dog toothbrush toy is a FUN way to brush my dog’s teeth! The best part: he does all the work, not me. Here’s my review, including the 10 things I like best and 3 things I’m not so crazy about. But the bottom line is my dogs LOVE it!