Financial Help For Sick Dogs: Brown Dog Foundation & Other Organizations That Help With Vet Bills (By State)

Wondering how to get help with vet bills for your pet, and don’t know where to start? The Brown Dog Foundation helps dog owners who are facing expensive vet bills in order to save their dog’s life. As long as you are willing and able to pay a portion of the veterinarian’s cost to save your dog’s life, the Brown Dog Foundation will help pay the rest! If you don’t live in Tennessee, see our extensive list of other organizations that help pay vet bills by state.

Dog Thanksgiving Tips: Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Can dogs eat turkey? Yes… but they might get an upset stomach. See which Thanksgiving dinner foods are safe for dogs, and which ones aren’t. Instead of giving your dog Thanksgiving turkey & all the fixin’s, try these easy homemade Thanksgiving dog treats — to avoid bloat & canine pancreatitis!

Acceptable Household Medications For Pets Chart From My Veterinarian

A list of acceptable household medications for pets, according to vets. Plus the correct doses for dogs & cats. Before giving your dog medications from your medicine cabinet, be sure to check this list of human medicine safe for dogs first!

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Euthanize Your Dog? My Experience… Personally And While Working For A Vet

According to veterinarians, when is it time to euthanize a dog? After working at a vet AND having 2 of my own dogs put to sleep recently, I can help you get through this difficult time. Here’s everything you need to know about when to euthanize a dog. Here are 5 signs that it’s time. Plus advice that other veterinarians have personally given me. And the official Quality of Life Scale for dogs — to help you gauge your dog’s quality of life.

Puppy Proofing 101: Things You Need To Do Right Away To Make Your Dog’s World Safer!

Here is a list of common everyday objects we all have in our houses that I’ve learned firsthand (and while working at a vet) can be deadly to a dog. See what you can do to modify these things to keep your dog safe. Plus, my own DIY puppy proofing tips that I use to keep my dogs safe at home.

Do You Know What To Do If You Hit A Dog With Your Car?

There are laws in place in most cities about what you must do if you hit someone’s pet with your car. Unfortunately, there is very little information about this online, but there is certainly a lot of discussion about it! Most people have the wrong information. To help set the record straight, here is what you must do if you hit someone’s pet…

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Chicken Bones (…Or Turkey Bones)

Wondering what to do if your dog eats chicken bones?! First, don’t panic, most likely your dog will be ok. My dog ate chicken bones and he passed them just fine — but it depends on whether your dog gulps down the bones (bad), bites them into smaller pieces (bad), or grinds them down thoroughly before swallowing them (good). Here’s what to do if your dog ate chicken bones… OR turkey bones.

My Dog Ate Ibuprofen, What Should I Do? My Personal Experience And Vet Treatment Details… Plus Info About Ibuprofen Toxicity In Dogs, Dangerous Doses, And Treatments

My dog ate Advil. (It was a single 200 mg liquid gel capsule with Ibuprofen inside.) Dogs and Ibuprofen don’t mix – so I knew it was important to treat this right away! I rushed her to the vet, and I’m glad I did. Here’s what I’ve learned about Ibuprofen toxicity in dogs.

Should You Or Should You Not Remove Dog Dew Claws? What I’ve Learned After Raising 3 Dogs That Had Them

I’ve had dogs all my life. Only 3 of them had dew claws. Here’s what I’ve learned about removing dewclaws …and not removing them. Everything you need to know about dog dew claws, including when (or if) you should have them removed, plus recommendations from other dog experts and dog owners.