Cool Dog Tricks

Impress your friends and have fun with your dog by teaching your pet these cool dog tricks! This list of dog tricks shows you how to take random behaviors that your dog is already doing and turn them into unique dog tricks that actually serve a purpose. More than 101 tricks to teach your dog here!

Here are some videos of dogs showing their teeth... or baring teeth... on command. Want to know how to teach your dog this trick? Check out these tips for teaching a dog to show teeth.

Here's how to teach your dog to bring something to you on command. If I can't find the TV remote control, my dog will find it and gently bring it to me!

Want to teach your dog how to balance a treat on his nose? Here's how to do the 'treat on the nose' trick -- step by step.


Once the basic dog commands have been learned, you may want to teach your dog any number of dog tricks. Here are 5 simple tips for teaching ANY dog ANY trick!

Will your dog only catch, instead of fetching and returning the item to you? Here's how to get your dog to bring it back to you when you're doing dog fetch training. These are some of the best dog fetch training tips.

Want to teach your dog a dog trick? These videos show how to do some great dog tricks. Start with easy dog tricks and then work your way up to the more difficult dog tricks. Before long, you may have your dog fetching your slippers!


This video highlights the 5 steps that are necessary for teaching your dog to shake hands. Once you have mastered shake with your dog, you can teach him more fun tricks from these 101 dog tricks!

Have you ever wanted your dog to be more human? Try teaching him this trick. Also another cool trick to teach your dog.

We actually call it 'being shy' but you would probably impress your friends better if you called it playing 'peek-a-boo' or something cute. This dog trick simply involves rewarding your dog for putting his paw on his nose. Here's how we taught our dog to play peek-a-boo on command.