Cool Dog Tricks

Impress your friends and have fun with your dog by teaching your pet these cool dog tricks! This list of dog tricks shows you how to take random behaviors that your dog is already doing and turn them into unique dog tricks that actually serve a purpose. More than 101 tricks to teach your dog here!


Amaze Your Friends With Simple New Dog Tricks

The way to teach your dog some fun new tricks is to simply think about some things your dog does naturally without being asked. Then, give a specific ‘command’ to that behavior. From this point forward, whenever your dog does that behavior… call out that command. That’s how you associate the behavior with the command. So, in the future, your dog will do this particular behavior on command.

How To Teach Your Dog To Speak (Bark On Command), Whisper, And Be Quiet

We use ‘Tell me’ whenever we want our dog to get our attention about something. This is helpful when getting your dog used to the idea that he must ‘tell you’ when he needs to go outside, when there’s a stranger nearby, when he’s hungry, when the water bowl is empty, when the mail has arrived, etc.


The Best Dog Tricks We Taught Our Dogs

In addition to your standard pet tricks like sit, lie down, come, stay, catch, and roll over, we’ve managed to teach our dogs some more unusual ‘tricks’…