Cool Dog Tricks

Impress your friends and have fun with your dog by teaching your pet these cool dog tricks! This list of dog tricks shows you how to take random behaviors that your dog is already doing and turn them into unique dog tricks that actually serve a purpose. More than 101 tricks to teach your dog here!


The way to teach your dog some fun new tricks is to simply think about some things your dog does naturally without being asked. Then, give a specific 'command' to that behavior. From this point forward, whenever your dog does that behavior... call out that command. That's how you associate the behavior with the command. So, in the future, your dog will do this particular behavior on command.

Want a singing dog? See how we taught our dog to sing on cue.

Here's how we taught our dogs to 'get the mail' or 'get the paper' and then immediately -- before it gets too soggy -- to 'give' it to us. This is an easy dog trick to teach. First, you begin with 'get'... then you end with 'give' or 'drop it'.


Saying prayers is a fun dog trick that's really cute! Here's how to teach your dog to pray...

The command 'Toes' helps whenever you need to clean muddy paws after your dog has been playing outside. Or, when you need to dry off wet paws after a bath. Or, when you want to trim your dog's toenails! Here's how to teach your dog to give you his toes -- on command.

We use the 'Tell me' command -- others refer to is as the 'Speak' command -- to encourage our dog to bark in order to get our attention about something. Here's how to teach your dog to speak... and how to be quiet at times when you don't want him to bark.


In addition to the basic dog commands and standard pet tricks that most dogs learn, we've managed to teach our dogs some of the best dog tricks... ever!