Dogs Saying Prayers – How To Teach Your Dog To Pray

We’ve taught 2 of our 3 dogs to pray. (Tenor, our youngest puppy, is still trying to find his ‘spiritual self’.)


How To Teach Your Dog To Pray

Basically, it’s a 4-step process in teaching a dog to pray:

1. Dog must sit.

2. Dog must lie down.

3. Dog must place chin on ground.

4. Dog must remain in that position until you say “Amen.”


Photos Of Our Dogs Praying

Jim is teaching our dog, Jersey, how to pray. He puts his head down on the floor and he gets a treat if he doesn’t lift his head off the floor until we say Amen.


Jersey learning a new trick.


Here’s another picture of Jersey, saying his prayers on our bed.



Jim is teaching our dog, Destin, to pray. (It looks like Jim is forcing his head down quite hard, but he’s really not.)




Well, what do you know?… It appears that our youngest dog, Tenor, has watched our middle dog, Destin, long enough that he’s finally learned how to say prayers too!

one-dog-praying-saying-prayers  2-dogs-praying-saying-prayers



The best picture ever of a little girl praying.