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Videos Of Dogs Playing Basketball – Can Your Dog Do That?

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By Carrie

Are you looking for something fun (and really unusual) to do with your dog?

How about teaching your dog to play basketball?


The dogs in these videos are examples of the amazing things that dogs can do with a basketball.

Just imagine what your friends would say if your dog could play basketball!


Dog Basketball Video #1

This dog can dribble the ball and make a basket all on his own!  He even passes the ball to his owner…




Dog Basketball Video #2

This dog certainly has a lot of energy. And it takes all of that energy for her to balance a basketball on her nose while running around the yard!…



Dog Basketball Video #3

These 2 tiny dogs enjoy a game of 1-on-1 basketball…





Dog Basketball Video #4

This video reveals a couple of clues if you want to teach your own dog how to play basketball. It all comes down to repetition…



Dog Basketball Video #5

Some dogs simply have a knack for popping the ball into the net with their nose…



Dog Basketball Video #6

This Border Collie takes it a step farther with his impressive passing skills…



Dog Tricks For Non-Basketball Loving Dogs

If basketball is not your dog’s favorite sport, there are lots more fun and unusual things you could teach your dog to do: