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2 Lists: Human Foods That Are Safe For Dogs & People Foods That Are Not Safe For Dogs

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By Carrie

dog-and-human-food-by-paulidin.jpg Do you feed your dog human food? 

If you do, just know that there are several foods that are dangerous for dogs.

Even if you don’t feed your dog human food, you still need to be aware of which foods are dangerous — just in case your dog gets ahold of some human foods when you’re not looking. 

Besides, you never know when your dog might find some food scraps on the sidewalk while out on a walk or somewhere else when you’re out in public together.

Here are 2 lists that every dog owner should print and save:

The foods that are safe for dogs make great additions to your dog’s interactive treat toys (like Kongs, Buster Cubes, and such). They’re also great to include in homemade dog treats!