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Facts & Stats About Dogs

Here are 10 interesting facts about dogs that most people don't know. See why these are my favorite Dog Facts vs. Dog Myths to share with new dog owners.

I’ve researched the 27 cities and 20 states that appear on 5 lists of dog friendly cities to help you decide if you want to move or travel there with your dog!

Tips for choosing the best apartment dogs. (It’s all based on your lifestyle and your dog's energy level.) Plus, how to get apartments that allow dogs to accept YOUR dog!

Tax experts reveal actual dog related tax deductions for dog foster parents, dog breeders, guard dog owners, Instagram influencers, and MORE! Plus some funny dog write-off stories, too.

Want to make an extra $500 a month dog sitting? I'm a dog sitter sharing my best tips on how to make extra money by offering dog sitting services at home.


A dog can still get deadly heartworms even if the dog is on a preventative. If you're like me, you still keep your dog on heartworm treatment year round for the following reasons.

Since most lost dogs end up in shelters where they are either adopted or euthanized, it's important to microchip your dog in order to prevent this from happening to your dog AND to make it easier for you to be reunited with your dog should you ever become separated.

Here are 10 life-threatening dog behavior myths that many dog owners believe to be true. Better yet, see WHY each of these is detrimental to your dog's behavior and your own sanity!

Have you ever wondered if your dog is actually watching TV with you? The fact is dog eyesight is different from human eyesight, so dogs see images on television differently than we do.