Basketball Dog Toys & Jerseys

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Has March Madness taken over your household?

If your dog is “mad” about basketball, maybe it’s time to show some team spirit this season by dressing him up in a dog basketball uniform from his favorite basketball team.

Or, you might want to consider a new toy like these doggie basketballs that come in all shapes and sizes.

For the tried and true dog sports enthusiast, only these basketball dog cookies will do!


Basketball Jerseys, Sweatshirts & More For Dogs

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Air Bud Basketball Uniform For Dogs
Help your dog show his team spirit by dressing him in this doggie basketball costume. Bonus points too… it doubles as a Halloween costume this Fall.

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Casual Canine NBA Basketball Sweatshirts For Dogs
This cozy and soft sweatshirt is silk screened with a popular sports logo and features a muff-style pocket on the back. Ribbed cuffs and waistband provide an easy and comfortable fit. Polyester knit fabric is machine washable for easy care.

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Basketball Lakers Jerseys & Gear
For the true LA Lakers fan, these bright yellow Lakers shirts and other memorabilia for dogs really make a statement.

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Dog NBA Basketball Bandanas
These NBA Basketball bandanas for dogs are sure to make your dog stand out in a crowd.

Don’t miss this great collection of dog jerseys, letter jackets, sweatshirts, and cheerleader uniforms made just for dogs!


Basketball Dog Toys

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Solid Rubber Basketball Dog Toy
These solid rubber dog toys are twice the fun because they’re vanilla-scented. So your dog gets the benefit of fresher breath while playing with this basketball!

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Latex Stuffed Knobby Basketball Dumbbell
In addition to being bright and colorful, this dog toy squeaks!


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Wilson NCAA Synthetic Junior Basketball
If you’ve got a dog that’s rough on toys, then you might consider getting the “real thing”. Here’s a junior-sized basketball that’s low-priced too. We keep one like this out in the backyard for our dogs to play with anytime they’re outside.

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Basketball Rope Toy
Tough, braided ropes are attached to durable, inflatable rubber basketball with sturdy corded webbing. Its design allows dogs to easily carry the toy, and provides an outlet for their urge to chew.

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Plush Basketball Dog Toys
These plush dog toys are great for puppies and soft chewers.


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Latex Basketball Dog Toys
These safe squeaky dog toys are bright, colorful, and easy to clean. Ideal for small to medium dogs.


In addition to some of the above dog toys, my dogs enjoy playing with a “real” basketball too! In fact, we found an old basketball, an old soccer ball, and an old football and gave them (literally) to the dogs. The balls are made so durable, that they withstand years of teeth punctures, bad weather, and other abuse from dogs who play with them (and leave them outdoors).

Now, just for laughs, check out these funny videos of dogs playing basketball!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Basketball Court Sweat Wiper Upper”:



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