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Free Dog Samples: Lots Of Free Dog Food, Treats, Toys, And Supplies… Just For Asking!

I’ve shared my best tips for getting free stuff before.

One of my most popular is How To Get Free Pregnancy & Baby Stuff For New Parents.

Now it’s time to share my best freebies for dogs!

What follows are all of the free dog samples that I know about at this time. I will continue to update this post as the offers expire.

Free Dog Supplies & Samples

These freebies from pet companies are 100% legit.

They are provided by the manufacturers directly, so you don’t have to jump through any hoops or sign up for anything extra just to get your free dog samples. (I know how frustrating those types of offers can be, trust me!)

Most of these dog samples are 100% absolutely FREE – with no shipping fees.

TIP: I would also encourage you to take advantage of pet freebies you find that do require a shipping fee — because many of them are well worth the nominal fee. Most come with extra coupons that are good on future purchases, as well. That value alone usually surpasses the shipping fee, in my opinion. Small businesses would go broke if they sent out completely free samples day in and day out. I’ve always been happy with the “free+shipping” dog food samples I’ve received.

You can rest assured that the following freebies are all top-quality samples. I’ve requested each of them myself. And most of them have arrived in my mailbox already.

Just know that free dog samples usually don’t last very long! So if you’re interested in any of these, you should submit your request right away.

Let us know in the Comments below if there are other free dog samples we should add to this list:

4 More Ways To Get Free Dog Samples

If you’re serious about finding other free samples — like dog food, pet treats, dog shampoos, poop bags, and dog toys — I have a few other tips for you.

Here are some other ways to get samples for free:

#1 – Visit the website of the manufacturer directly.

Sometimes on the Contact page or in the side margin of the page they will mention when free samples are available. Even if it’s not specifically mentioned, you can always contact them yourself with an honest reason why you are eager to try their product. Sometimes, they will honor random requests.

#2 – Write to the manufacturer directly.

Snail mail for large corporations is typically handled by a separate office. Many companies are more likely to respond to a snail mail request that appears genuine.

#3 – Check the aisles end-caps in pet food stores.

I’ve gotten a number of free samples from Pet Smart and from another small pet food store in my town. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. If you appear to have a serious interest in sampling a particular brand of dog food, small independent pet stores are likely to provide that for you. Don’t just get your free sample and leave though. Make it worth their while to give you that free sample… buy something. Even if it’s only a 99-cent dog chew. Independent pet stores rely on your business.

#4 – Keep your eye on freebie websites.

Occasionally, I see pet owners giving away free large bags of pet food and treats that their dog just didn’t like on sites similar to Craigslist and Freecycle. You can also request such an item on Freecycle. And on Craigslist you can barter to exchange things you want for things you have.