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Free Stuff For Dog Owners

Like free stuff? If you're frugal like me, you'll enjoy these FREE dog samples - all from dog food & treat manufacturers. No hoops to jump through!

I'll show you how to draw a dog - quick & easy! Start with an oval shape drawn on paper, then follow these simple steps to draw a fun dog face or a dog body.

Easy ways to prevent dog boredom! Here are 9 clever ways to keep your dog busy. See how to entertain your dog at home, indoors, outside, and while you’re at work.

Stuck at home? Can't go outside? Here's how to get organized AND save money while spending quality time with your dog at the same time!

Dog ringtones are a fun way to show you love dogs. One thing's for sure... they're definitely attention-getters. Here are the best barking dog ringtones and iPhone apps. You can even create your own dog ringtone!

Making your own dog toys can be a lot cheaper than buying them from the store. Here are some fun dog toys you can make using tennis balls!

Here are step-by-step instructions for making a tug toy for your dog, using items you already have around the house!

Here are some fun crafts that your dog -- and dog lovers -- will enjoy this Christmas.

Here's a doggy screensaver that features a dog licking your computer screen. Enjoy!