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Free & Cheap Dog Toys: How To Make A Dog Tug Toy

Our dogs have always enjoyed rope-style tug toys — especially if they have things attached to them and incorporate different textures.

If your dog loves to tug and you have a little free time on your hands, then you can make your dog a tug toy for free using things you already have around the house. Basically, all you need to do is braid together pieces of rope or fabric, and add a tennis ball or other dog toy (like a Kong) for added challenge and bounciness.

Making your own dog tug toys sure beats paying $15 for a tug toy at the pet store! Granted, they probably won’t last as long, but I’ve had dogs destroy expensive tug toys in less than a day before. So, if you’ve got the materials lying around the house anyway, then why not make some fun and interesting tug toys for your dog?

Here are some easy ways to make tug toys for your dog…

First, A Warning:

I do want to make one thing clear…

I strongly recommend that you watch your dog closely anytime he is playing with a tug toy that he can easily tear to shreds or otherwise destroy.

The reason? Because you don’t want your dog to swallow any long strings, scraps of fabric, or rope. Long stringy items can wreak havoc on your dog’s tummy and can get caught up in the intestines or even cut off circulation in some cases.

So, be sure to cut off and remove any long & loose parts that your dog may have shredded, as you notice them.

In our house, tug toys are not long-lived. They only survive a few play sessions anyway — depending on your dog’s level of chewing and hard play. That’s why it’s usually better to make tug toys than to buy ’em!

Tug Toy Instructions

Make Dog Toys From Tennis Balls

What you need:

  • old sock
  • tennis ball
  • piece of rope

How To Weave A Strong Fleece Toy For Dogs

What you need:

  • long pieces of fleece
  • rubber bands

How To Make A Tug Toy From Jeans

What you need:

  • old jeans
  • sewing needle
  • strong thread

Make A Dog Tug Toy From Old Dish Towels

What you need:

  • old dish towels

How To Make A Rope Tug Toy

What you need:

  • tennis ball
  • rope

Make A Braided Fabric Dog Tug Toy

What you need:

  • long strips of fabric