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The Best Dog Ringtones & Barking Dog iPhone Apps

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By Carrie

dog-ringtone-by-cogdogblog.jpg Have you ever heard a dog barking, looked around, but didn’t see a dog?

Then, coincidentally, you notice someone nearby answering their cell phone?

It was probably a dog ringtone!

Dog ringtones are a fun way to show you love dogs.

One thing’s for sure… they’re definitely attention-getters.

Here are some fun dog ringtones and dog sounds for your cell phone (Android and iOS)…


Best Barking Dog Ringtones

The truth is, some ringtone sites can be questionable these days, but these dog ringtones are definitely a safe bet.

There are several different barking dog ringtones that you can download to your cell phone for free. For example, you can pick the one for your favorite breed of dog.

If you don’t like any of the barking dog ringtones, you can always turn heads by downloading the dog and cat debate ringtone instead.

The funny thing is the very first barking dog ringtone I listened to online caused my dogs to go nuts!

The minute they heard the dog barking, they started to bark and went running through the house looking for the barking dog. It was pretty funny.


Other Dog Ringtones

If you want to browse some more dog ringtones from sites that are safe, try these:

Or, make your own dog ringtone! All you have to do is get your dog to bark on cue.



Dog Sounds For iPhones

If you just want to put some fun dog sounds on your iPhone, consider these iPhone apps filled with fun dog sounds:


Dog Sounds For Androids

If you just want to put some fun dog sounds on your Android, consider these Android apps filled with fun dog sounds: