Are Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs Safe? The Pros, Cons, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog!

by Lynnette

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This is Post #7 (Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs) in a series of articles summarizing the pros & cons of 12 Long-Lasting Dog Chews.

Pressed rawhide is better than regular rawhide dog chews because it's 100% digestible!

Pressed rawhide was actually the very first dog chew I tried with my dogs — decades ago — after hearing all the bad things about rawhide bones and rawhide dog chews.

Following are the most important things you need to know about pressed rawhide vs. regular rawhide bones for dogs. (Plus the pressed rawhide bones safety information that you’re probably wondering about.)

The bottom line is pressed rawhide bones for dogs are 100% safe and I give them to my dogs all the time. See which ones and why…

Facts About “Regular” Rawhide Bones

This is an example of regular rawhide bones for dogs. Notice how it's a single piece of rawhide that has been "rolled" into the shape of a bone?

First of all, here’s what you need to know about “regular” (non-pressed) rawhide bones for dogs:

  • Regular rawhide bones and chews are made from one single layer of rawhide that is “rolled” into the shape of a dog bone or dog chew.
  • These single-layer pieces of rawhide can be chewed into small chunks rather quickly.
  • Regular rawhide pieces are not easily digested by dogs.
  • When a dog swallows a piece of rawhide, it expands inside the dog’s body and can become blocked in the dogs throat, stomach, or intestines.

Even more important facts, photos, and videos about rawhide here.

Facts About Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs

This is an example of pressed rawhide bones for dogs. Notice how tightly compressed the layers of cowhide are? They're impossible to separate!

Pressed rawhide is much different because of the process that’s used to make it.

Pressed rawhide bones are made from several very tight layers of compressed cowhide that won’t expand when wet — so they’re easy to digest.

What I like best about pressed rawhide bones:

My dog trying to decide between a pressed rawhide bone and a real bone from the butcher.
  • They are 100% digestible! (You can see in the above photos of my dogs that the chewed ends of the pressed rawhide bones get “gummy” — but not sticky — instead of breaking off or slivering. They dry-up again real quickly, so they’re not always gummy.)
  • One of the great things about pressed rawhide bones is they’re very affordable — especially when purchased on line, or in bulk.
  • Pressed rawhide bones will massage your dog’s gums and help help to remove tartar as they’re gnawing on it — especially those far back teeth that are hard to reach when brushing!
  • My dogs seem to like both the scent and the texture. (But there’s really not a strong or offensive odor to pressed rawhide bones.)

TIP: It takes my dogs a long time to wear down a pressed rawhide bone. So, I always remove it from them each time they’ve gnawed down a good bit of it. Then, I let it dry out and harden a bit before reintroducing it to them again. Once it gets small enough to entirely fit in their mouth, I throw it away — just because it becomes too awkward for them to chew on without putting it entirely inside their mouth.

As you can see, the end of this pressed rawhide bone has been chewed on aggressively, yet it won't splinter or have pieces that break off. It just becomes a little "gummy" at first, then will harden up again overnight in fresh air.


BEST FOR: Power chewers, medium chewers, and light chewers

MY FAVORITE BRAND(S): Cadet pressed rawhide bones

WHAT MAKES THIS BRAND UNIQUE: Cadet’s pressed rawhide bones are 100% natural, premium-quality beef hide with no added colors, flavors, or fillers.

Pressed Rawhide Bone Sizes

I like the 6-inch or 8-inch pressed rawhide bones best for my 50-lb dogs.

They also come in 4-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch.

Generally, you should buy smaller ones for puppies, and larger ones for big dogs. When in doubt, choose a larger bone for your dog over a smaller one.

NOTE: If your dog “gulps” food rather “chews” it, you should take their pressed rawhide bone away from them once it has become small enough to entirely fit inside your dog’s mouth. (My dogs don’t “gulp” or “swallow quickly” what they’re eating. They tend to chew things into smaller bites instead — so I usually have plenty of time to remove a pressed bone that’s become too small.)

Where To Find Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs

All dogs like pressed rawhide bones! I know for a fact that all of MY dogs through the years have.

Most grocery stores sell them these days. (Usually around $3 to $5 apiece, depending on the size.)

Of course, pet stores and department stores do as well.

I’ve consistently found the prices to be quite low online — so I usually buy them on Amazon.

Want to try the pressed rawhide bones my dogs like best?

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Pressed rawhide bones for dogs are 100% safe and I give them to my dogs all the time. See which ones and why…