puppy nipping and biting

How To Stop Puppy Nipping & Biting: Why Do Puppies Bite? When Do Puppies Stop Biting? What To Do When Your Puppy Keeps Biting & Nipping All The Time

All puppies nip or bite at your hands, feet, and ankles. See the #1 reason you should not allow this behavior any more, How to stop a puppy from nipping and biting, Why puppies bite, When puppies stop biting, and All about puppy teeth!

Are Pressed Rawhide Bones For Dogs Safe? The Pros, Cons, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog!

Pressed rawhide was the very first type of dog chew that I tried with my dogs (decades ago) — after hearing all the bad things about rawhide bones and rawhide dog chews. Following are the most important things you need to know about pressed rawhide vs. regular rawhide bones for dogs. Plus all of the pressed rawhide bones safety information you’re probably wondering about!

Pros & Cons Of Cow Hooves For Dogs, Where To Buy Them, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog To Chew On!

Are cow hooves safe for dogs? How long does a hoof last? Are cow hooves good for power chewers? Everything you want to know about cow hooves for dogs – including some pros and cons you should know about!

Horns For Dogs To Chew On: Our Favorite Brands + What You Need To Know Before Giving Your Dog Goat Horns & Buffalo Horns!

While many dogs seem to enjoy gnawing on goat horns for hours, my dogs tend to get bored with them after a few minutes of chewing. Perhaps they aren’t “smelly” enough! Regardless, my dogs are still intrigued enough to gnaw on a goat horn that’s been re-introduced to them after I removed it for a few weeks.

Pros & Cons Of Antlers For Dogs, Our Favorite Brands, And What You Need To Know Before Giving Them To Your Dog To Chew On!

Deer And Elk Antlers For Dogs 101 – Antlers are naturally shed from both elk and deer — and they make fabulous dog chews! Wondering which are the best antlers for dogs? Here’s how to choose the right antler dog chews for your dog, the pros and cons of antlers for dogs, how to soften them, and the best place to buy them!

The Best Bones For Dogs: A List Of Butcher Bones Safe For Dogs + What You Need To Know Before Giving Raw Bones To Your Dog!

The Best Raw Bones For Dogs – A list of safe dog bones for chewing that are the least likely to splinter. See the specific bones to ask your butcher for, what to look for in grocery stores, and where to find raw bones for dogs online. (I usually buy several pounds at a time, and I freeze them.)

Senior Dog Health Issues: The 8 Most Common Health Problems In Older Dogs (Preventatives And Solutions!)

Have a senior dog? Here are the most common health problems in older dogs that you need to be aware of. How to prepare for your senior dog’s final years healthwise.

Dog Teeth Brushing Tips: See Exactly How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Yourself (It’s Cheaper Than A Dog Dental Cleaning, After You’ve Waited Too Long!)

If you’ve ever wondered how in the world you’re going to brush your dog’s teeth yourself, I’ve got SO MANY helpful tips that will make it incredibly easy for you to do! See exactly how to clean your dog’s teeth. Handy gadgets that make the process MUCH easier. The difference between plaque and tartar – how to tell which one your dog has (and which one is the most harmful). Plus some scary facts that will become your reality if you DON’T start brushing your dog’s teeth. 80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3 – so it’s crucial that you start now!

What A Dog Dental Cleaning Is Like: Dog Teeth Cleaning Cost + What You Can Expect After The Procedure

At some point, your dog will need a professional teeth cleaning from a veterinarian. This article will answer all of your questions! See how much it costs, signs that a dog dental cleaning is necessary, and what you can expect before, during, and after the dog teeth cleaning procedure.

A Comparison Of 12 Of The Best Long Lasting Dog Chews: Elk Antlers, Cow Hooves, Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews, Pressed Rawhide & More!

Wondering what the best long lasting dog chews are? Me too! So I did a big ‘ol experiment with my dogs to find the differences between all of the most popular dog chews. Antler dog chews rank way up there. So do real bones from the butcher… and cow hooves! See the entire list of 12 best dog chews that last the longest.