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How To Get Answers To Your Dog Health Questions… Fast!

Got a sick dog?

Or maybe you just have a question about your dog’s general health and wellbeing…

You’ve got 3 good options in order to get peace of mind quickly…



#1  Ask a veterinarian.

Your best option is to call your veterinarian directly and see what they recommend.

Of course, your vet isn’t always available at the time your dog needs them.

If your veterinarian is not available, call another local vet in your area for their advice or opinion.

If it’s after hours — or if you think it might be an emergency situation — then find a local Emergency Pet Clinic and contact them immediately. Better safe than sorry, trust me!

If you just need a second opinion or want to ease your mind about your dog’s health, then you can ask a vet online. Professional veterinarians are available 24/7 to provide you with answers to your dog health questions. TIP: Try to be as specific as possible when asking your question, and provide as much information as possible about your dog. That way, you’ll get your question answered more quickly.


#2  Use the same source that professional veterinarians use.

The Merck Manual is a comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information.

You can view the book’s entire contents online by clicking on the particular “section” you’re interested in in the lefthand margin.

As part of its commitment to ensuring that all who need and want medical information can get it, Merck provides the content of these Merck Manuals on the web for free. Registration is not required, and use is unlimited. The web publications are continuously updated to ensure that the information is as up-to-date as possible. Source

You can also get your own copy of the most recently updated copy of the official Merck Vertinary Manual for veterinary professionals or try the Merck Manual For Pet Health: Home Edition.


#3  See what others have tried and learned firsthand.

Here are some popular dog health issues and tips from fellow dog owners:

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