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Suddenly our dog refused to walk down stairs in our home. (Hardwood stairs, not carpeted). See my cheap DIY solution - It has worked for us for 10+ years!

How do veterinarians euthanize a dog? What's the process like? I've had 2 dogs put to sleep recently - here's what it was like. From the perspective of someone who's been through it several times with her own dogs and who's also learned a lot while working in a vet's office.

Preparing for the death of a pet isn't easy, but time with your aging dog is dwindling. That day WILL come. Here's how to plan now for your dog's last days.

The best toys for toothless dogs are those which match your dog's needs the best. If your dog has no teeth, or few teeth, these are the 10 best dog toys to consider.

dog age facts found on computer

To figure the human equivalent of a dog's age, just add 7 to each year that your dog has been alive, right? Wrong! Here's how to determine your dog's physical age AND your dog's mental age in the MOST accurate way -- like veterinarians do.

Have a senior dog? Here are the most common health problems in older dogs that you need to be aware of. How to prepare for your senior dog’s final years healthwise.

Dog Jealousy & Aggressive Dog Behavior - see how to stop your dog from being a bully to another dog, being possessive of you, or even being aggressive.

According to veterinarians, when is it time to euthanize a dog? I worked for vet AND had 2 of my own dogs put to sleep recently. I can help you get through this difficult time.

Switching dog food happens at least twice in a dog's life - as they transition from puppy to adult, and then from adult to senior. Here are the steps to transition your dog to a new food with ease in 5 or 10 days.