How To Build A Dog Ramp Yourself

My Dachshund recently had back surgery, so I needed a dog ramp — instead of doggie steps — as a way for her to get up on my bed. Most of the dog ramps I found online where very expensive and the height didn’t match up with my bed height. So I made my own. Here’s how…

How To Care For An Older Dog With No Teeth

My Pomeranian/Yorkie dog is 18 years old and he’s lost all of his teeth. Here’s how we got through the painful periods when he was losing his teeth and having difficulty eating. Plus tips for caring for a dog with no teeth.

What It’s Like Living With An Old Blind And Deaf Dog

Our aging dog is still in reasonably good health and not suffering from many aches and pains, but his navigational skills have been reduced to what he can smell. With doggie cataracts and acute hearing loss that has eliminated most of our ability to communicate with him, he still seems to get around the house with little trouble.